My hamburger menu on the mobile has become unresponsive

This was working fine, but doesn’t now.

When visiting the site on the mobile, the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) are not responsive when I click on them now.

I have made sure all updates are up to date.

No other plug ins installed recently aside from editing WP Forms which was already installed. I did install recaptcha by BestWebSoft but deleted as realised WP Forms can do that too. I have recently purchased the Bookings HivePress extension, but not yet installed. Was looking to do that today.

Any ideas?


Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, make sure that caching is disabled for logged-in users.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

It was the Litepress caching plug in installed by WPForms, disabled and it was rectified. Does it have be disabled permanently?


Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee 100% compatibility with third-party plugins, so some of them may require custom integration as styles may be related and thus, third-party plugins may cause issues.

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