Need to see the change log

Recently theres been a few updates to bookings, markedplace and requests. Today was an updated to the Taskhive theme. However, I could not find any change log listing the new features/bugfixes.

I tryed to go through the customization of the theme, to see if any more customaziation was available, but couldn’t find any.

I think we need a place to see the latest updates / change log.

Thank you

Thanks for your feedback, yes we plan to add the Announcements category or make the release notes public for premium themes/extensions in some way (for the free extensions it’s available on GitHub).


  • Fixed the price format bug (it appeared as “%value% / day” even for time-based booking categories).
  • Fixed booking fields when per-vendor availability is enabled (some booking settings were hidden).
  • Fixed booking adjacent date ranges
  • Added search by the number of places (if enabled in booking settings)
  • Added option to disable the price multiplication by places
  • Added types for the price extras (per day, per booking, etc)


  • Added discounts option (also workds for Bookings)
  • Added auto-refreshing prices on the listing page (also works for Bookings when you select different date ranges)


  • Added category-specific attributes
  • Added option to delete offers
  • Added a page for vendors to view their offers

Also all the extension templates are now registered for compatibility with HivePress/Templates.

Hope this helps.

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