Negative Number in Extras

So I’m looking to remove the "this number needs to be above 0 " when adding a cost for an extra item.

I would like to be able to add minus figures to apply a discount off the price.

So say the item is for sale and in a protective case at £1 the customer could select to remove the case saving them say 50p making the item total 50p but pushing the £1 sale?

Please try this PHP snippet

		return $attributes;

Thanks your a star what about editing the step up as the number inclines in 0.01 I would like it to go up in 0.1

Please try this PHP snippet

	function($args, $field){
		$args['decimals'] = 1;
		return $args;

you never fail to put a smile on my face I spent 4 hrs trying to write that and I didn’t even com close.

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