Nightly, weekly, monthly rates

I’m looking to purchase the RentalHive theme and would like to know if it’s possible to do multi-tier pricing that works with bookings? For example, can the vendor create a pricing tier for

  • $/night rate
  • $/week rate
  • $/month rate

and this updates the calendar depending on which pricing tier is selected?


Yes, but it works a bit differently, you can allow hosts to set discounts, e.g. discount for 7+ days, 30+ days and these would be applied when customers select dates, changing the total price.

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Thanks Ihor.
This question is open to anyone, If I want to create a global site i.e. multiple countries and multiple currencies where I receive a commission for connecting buyers and sellers.

How would you recommend doing this?

For example, I want Australian listers to create their listing in Australian dollars, and I want US customers to be able to create listings in US Dollars and the transactions to appear in their respective currencies i.e. US transactions to appear in US Dollars at checkout.

What’s the best approach to achieve this?

Building a site for each region on a different sub domain or sub directory? Ideally, I would like all listings to be on the one site for optimal SEO and user experience. Thanks in advance.

Yes, building separate websites (using Multisite or separate installations) would be the best solution, because mixing currencies this way may break the commission calculations, make accounting/taxes much more complex, etc. These websites would also be more niche that a common global website, which would make SEO easier and probably cheaper.

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