No Purchase Button

No purchase button for orders only “reply listing”
Woocommerce & marketplace is installed & setup with Stripe Connect, Secret key is also in hivepress integrations.

Sure it’s an easy fix just not that good at this stuff, would love some help. Thank you!

If both Marketplace & WooCommerce are installed and activated, please try to re-save this listing (setting the price), the Buy Now button appears only if the price is set (if this listing was added before the Marketplace installation then the price may not be set).

Hey ihor,
thanks for the info. Just hopped on the test account to create a new listing, was prompted to connect Stripe account & then prompted with this error.

Thank you!

Please switch to the Test mode in the Stripe account, then you can use the test Secret Key (instead of the live one) in HivePress/Settings/Integrations and other test details Testing | Stripe Documentation to test the whole process of registering a connected Stripe account and making a payout.

Thanks ihor!
Currently testing, trying to make an offer on requests. Nothing shows up for the request owner.
In my Wordpress account, every time a new offer is made it increases the notification # for comments but when I click, I see no comments.

Just trying to figure out why the “request” creator isn’t notified or made aware of the offer?

Hey ihor,
my new talent are still getting this error message when they finish their profile & connect stripe.

I went through the payment process in test mode & everything seemed to be fine.

Any solutions?

Please let me know which hosting you’re using, the WordPress dashboard seems to be customized on your screenshots, maybe this also affects the HivePress functionality.

If the Stripe error still appears please make sure that you set up Stripe Connect providing all the details, switch to Test Mode in Stripe and then copy the test secret key, then set this key in HivePress/Settings/Integrations section. This error seems to appear only if the live secret key is used, the test mode doesn’t require the Stripe Connect account review.

Hey ihor,
I’ve used just Wordpress & Experthive for everything. Not sure why some of my features appear different:/… Regardless, seems like the offers are working now, still have that notification # over the “comments” dashboard with nothing inside though.

If it’s the default hosting then yes, they may merge their own hosting panel with WordPress one. There’s often confusion because hosting is not required for WordPress to work (it’s a self-hosted software and most of the hosting providers support it). I guess replaces the default Comments panel, showing strictly the blog comments and filtering offers and reviews from HivePress.

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