No related listings

On my site when used demo content there are similar offers below listings, but in new categories I created there’s nothing.
How to fix this ?

with similar

without similar

In gardening services you only have one ad, when you have others you will see similar ads, because they are linked to the category.

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It seems they are linked by same category and same city.
Same category is not enough.
In category OGRODZENIA i have 4 ads and here I try to understand this issuu

By default, related listings are fetched from the same category. If you also installed Geolocation, then related listings are also filtered by location (only listings within the radius defined in settings are displayed). If you add more listings with the same categories and close location, related listings will be populated.

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Is anywhere in ListingHive posibility to define this radius ?

Yes, please define it in HivePress>Settings>Geolocation if you use the Geolocation extension.

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