No updates for HivePress and extensions

Hello, I am not seeing any updates for hivepress on my website?
I have purchased added extensions just over a year ago? is that why?

Hi, did you put the hivepress license key numbers in the hivepress/settings/integration/hivepress store/license keys? That’s the way to get it to update.

Also, some extensions do not update automatically. Go to plugins/installed plugins and then update them manually.

Yes had Hivepress for over a year and the last 2/3 month I do not receive any notifications that there are updates to the theme or extensions I have purchased.

How long have you ad Hive for?

Less than 6 months

Ok so mine is over a year now… I just don’t see any updates now since the year.

Do you see the extra tab (if u have bookings extension) when editing a listing? That was from latest update

This depends on which extensions are installed on your site, e.g. there were recent Marketplace and Bookings extension updates for sure. Please make sure that the license key is set correctly in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/HivePress Store section. If it’s set correctly please check for updates in Dashboard/Updates section. Note that updates are fetched for the installed extensions only.

Ok so the box is empty… I don’t where the license key has gone.

Where will I find my keys, what would they have been sent on? so I can enter it.

I had to re-register this week on this site to write on support also. Do I have an account anywhere where the stuff is saved

I found my license key via email. Do a search for hivepress if u can remember which email it was.

I’ve just re-sent the license key for the HivePress Requests purchase via email, please enter it in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/HivePress Store, this should deliver updates in Dashboard/Updates section.

I have listing hive showing at version 1.2.6 is that correct s i have had no updates for this in months.

Hivepress 1.6.14
Favourites 1.2.2
Geolocation 1.3.7
messages 1.3.0
listings 1.1.7

I was just concerned as I have not updated anything with regards to your plugins or themes for a long time

These are free extensions, they don’t require an API key since they are updated from You can check recent updates for these extensions in the Release Notes section of this forum.

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