Not able to import attributes, such as phone number, whatsapp number, contact person name, etc

If it is not possible, this should be a Feature Request. If it is supposed to work but not working, this is a Bug report. But hopefully it is easily possible and working fine but I just cannot find out how to do it, therefore I put this as a General Question.

I have really tried to find out how this works, I have read through a whole bunch of questions, answers and requests but I just cannot make the below simple things work.

I am using ListingHive to create a listing directory. I want to list businesses with their contact details so that they can be easily found and contacted by customers. I purchased the Import Listing extension because I want to import around 1000 records that I have in an excel file.

Somehow I cannot find out how to import all the attributes I need, even the most basic and for a directory essential attribute like phone number I cannot import. (i have to import minimum 9 attributes for each record). Please show me the way because I am getting really frustrated here…

It seems that when I import from a CSV file that all records will be added as new listings and that already existing listings are not updated. Every time I import I create duplicates. Also if I update a listing in Wordpress/Hivepress and then later like to import for example updated descriptions for some listings this will not add to the existing listings but again just create duplicates. How can I overcome this?

I cannot find out how to export the Hivepress listing data.
3A. Therefore any updated listings in Hivepress, for example I update a phone number or contact name, I also have to update in my master file. This is error prone and time consuming.
3B Also it would be really helpful if I can first set it all up in Hivepress, create the correct categories, create the correct attributes, etc., then create one listing (fill in the data for one business) in Hivepress, including all attributes , then export to create a nice table/CSV/file with the correct attribute headers in the correct columns, so that I can enter all the data in this file using Excel or Google Sheet and then import the same file back so that all the data are imported.

Thank you for some very much needed and appreciated guidance…

Sorry if you had a bad experience, the Import extension is pretty new (it’s just the initial version), but we plan to add overriding existing listings and other features. It’s not possible at the moment and this extension is useful if you want to allow vendors to import listings via the front-end (by mapping CSV file columns and adding new listings this way). If the advanced features are required and you purchased this extensions within 30 days or less please ask for a refund via and consider using this solution instead Please note that it will also require mapping columns to the corresponding listing attributes.

Thank you for your response. I will look into the WP All Import option.

I will also request for the refund because I only purchased it a few days ago and it is really not doing what we need.

I will also share my learnings and insights with you guys, I can make some Feature Requests for you to improve the Import Extension based on user experiences.

I also encountered some problems with the initial set up, I could not import the CSV files and it took me a lot of trial and error before I found out that deactivating plugins finally allowed me to import CSV files. If this is known to you please update in a installation instruction. If this is not known, I can write a bug report about this.

No worries, I submitted a refund request to Paddle and it’ll be processed shortly. I hope you’ll find a suitable listing import solution.

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