Not showing commission on checkout


I purchased Hivepress Market place extension, (I am using ListingHive theme) I have installed Claim Listings, Marketplaces and Paid Listings and none add the vendor fee at checkout

and it doesn’t calculate the percentage for each product for each listing vendor’s earnings on sales through PayPal WooCommerce when the buyer checks out.

What am I doing wrong? Please help, the goal is to add a vendors fee that I can see at checkout through WooCommerce and the customer pays through PayPal.


Please set commission in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Selling section. For example, if you put 10% there, then for a sale of $100, vendors will see $90 on their balance (once the order is marked as Completed). The commission is not shown to the buyer at checkout.

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply, where would the admin see their commission? Is there a dashboard where admin or website owners can see their commission? Or do I have setup a page to see Commissions

If you a Vendor, you can check this info on your site > admin > Orders.
There you can see - Total, Earnings, and Commission.

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