Nothing happens when I click Proceed to Payment

I am customizing the RentalHive theme with the Marketplace plugin (and Woocommerce).

I am testing the booking flow, which should be something like this in terms of pages:
Product Page → Add Details page → Checkout page → Booking Confirmation page

I created an account in the website to test the customer journey. When I am in the Add Details page with the booking details and click “Proceed to Payment” nothing happens and it doesn’t advance to checkout - it stays on the same page.

Instead, if I do exactly these steps with the admin account I can go to the Checkout page. However, there’s another issue: I dont pass through the Add Details page. In other words, when I click Book Now it takes me directly do the Checkout page.

Has anyone else also bumped into this issue?

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a listing
  2. Select dates
  3. Click Book Now
  4. Redirects to Details Page
  5. Click Proceed to Payment


Doesn’t advance to cart or checkout page

If I do the same steps with the admin account:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a listing
  2. Select dates
  3. Click Book Now
  4. Redirects to Checkout page without passing through the Add Details page

Sorry for the delay. Please let me know if there were any code customizations, because the booking confirmation form (the Add Details one) has some required fields by default, these fields prevent skipping the Add Details page. Maybe some fields in this form were customized?

Thank you. Unfortunately, there are no code customizations.


Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, make sure that caching is disabled for logged-in users. Also, please refresh permalinks How to refresh WordPress permalinks - HivePress Help Center
If this issue exists, please send temporary WP access to with details for reproducing this issue, and we’ll check it (please send only the link, without login and password). You can create a temporary access link using this plugin: Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

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Hello. As soon as I disabled the LiteSpeed Cache plugin it started working correctly again.
Thank you very much for your help.

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