Number of guests to influence the total cost of the reservation

Hi guys!

In my RentalHive, can the total cost of being reservation be related to the number of guests? For example: “An experience for 1 person is equal to $50. When the user input 2 guests, the price is updated to $100”, and so on… It’s possible?


Yes it can. Hivepress/settings/bookings, then under Guest check mark -Allow multiple guest per booking (on my theme it says “place”, but I think with rentalhive it says guests),

Next, under Price, check mark the Multiply price by the number of guests

You can also add extras, when adding or editing a listing. Go to Extras section- In description you can write something like “over 10 guests”, set your price multiplied by guests.

Hope this helps somewhat.


Hello guys,
And how could I do this only for 2+ guests? Making my default price with 1 guest included.


It should actually work this way by default, e.g. if there’s a single guest then the price will be multiplied by 1 (so it will not be changed), then 2*price, 3*price and so on.

Ok, great!! And what about the Extras, is there a way to add an extra price “per guest per day” to start with 2+ guests?

Another way would be to allow the input value 0

It should work this way, since when the guests number is set to 1 the price will not be affected, it’ll be multiplied by 1. If you mean excluding some extra completely for 1 guest unfortunately there’s no such pricigin option at the moment.

Hey Ihor,
Actually no, it’s not working this way. When I add some extra price (i.e. Additional guest) it is considering the first one. I meant that we would like to consider extra price starting from with 2+ guests. Is there a way to reach that? Some workaround?

Please share more details about this issue, there may be a bug. Do you mean that the “per place per day” mode for extras doesn’t add the amount at all if the number of places is set to 1?

I meant that the “per place per day” mode add the amount for the first place/guest! We would like to setup it to add for 2+ guests… or some listing to add the amount just for 10+ guests. Does it make sense?

If it’s set to “per place per day” then it’ll be added even for 1 guest (since the number of guests is 1, the amount is multiplied by 1), unfortunately it’s not possible to exclude extras for 1 guest and apply them for 2+ guests only, there’s no such feature yet.

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