One Calendar for multiple listings / print bookings in vendor account / email digest with all bookings

I am aware of the availability per vendor option in HP which allows a vendor to manage multiple listings in one calendar. However, last time I tested it, the calendar does not combine and display all the information (only booking numbers) in a user friendly way: does not include details that are necessary to understand who made the booking, the bookings dates and what listing at a glance. This becomes even more important if a vendor wants to compare payments made onto his bank statement with bookings received on a HP system.

The problem to solve: vendors who have multiple listings (Currently there are issues with cal syncs - not controllable since calendar site has its own sync frequency etc. - , issues with double bookings, time consuming tasks such as finding out whether a booking was fully paid, etc.)

Here are three features which could seriously solve issues for vendors:

  • A Calendar that displays all listings at a glance with all details (booking number, full name, email or phone number, link to order or booking)

  • A print option of all bookings within a certain time frame (that includes all necessary details of a booking)

  • An email sent to vendors (once a day or a week) with all new bookings received with details

In any case, Thank you for doing this!

Hi Mishoo,
I agree with your requests


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Thanks for the detailed feedback, we’ll try to add as many details to the calendar view as possible while keeping it responsive, and improving the sync features in any case. The sync frequency depends on the platform doing the import, for HivePress it’s set to 1 hour but for Airbnb it’s 5 mins based on their docs.

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Thank you @fsimoni - please vote on top to help set priorities for the HP team.

@ihor thank you for the reply! I celebrate every update on the booking extension since it is where we make our vendors happy and earn a living.

One question: is there a snippet you can share to set the import time individually? Would love to get it down to five minutes in order to reduce double bookings.

Huge thanks again!

Please check if third-party platforms you connected have these settings. If you mean changing this on HivePress side it’s not possible to reduce it below 1 hour yet, but we’re working on it.

Hi @Mishoo !

Could you please explain me how do you set up the multiple listing in one calendar option?

That would be very helpful! thanks!

It is possible if the Manage availability per vendor setting in HivePress/Settings/Bookings is enabled. But please note that if this setting is enabled then bookings settings (like booking window, booking offset, minimum booking duration, etc.) will be common for all listings where booking functionality is allowed

@DianaLizarazo this is done by what @yevhen describes above. As Yevhen notes, it has its side effects.

I have tested it but in my case almost all vendors (with more than one listing) need the one calendar option simply to be able to save time and manage their bookings faster while still being able to individually set the settings for each listing.

Possible solution: If you have vendors who needs to be able to see all listings at a glance without using the “Manage availability per vendor” option in the Hivepress Settings, you could create a password protected page on your site for this vendor/host and import all calendars into a ICS calendar using their plugin. The calendar costs 99 for lifetime access. I would much rather prefer to spend this on a Hivepress solution.

Thank you so much! Yes you were right, I just panicked when I did not see the option and did not realised that the booking information was moved to the vendor profile. I will test how it works and then balance the alternatives. By the way, in the calendar option where vendors can see their summary of bookings, is there a way that the calendar does not go away from the dashboard? I mean, that instead of loading the full screen still there is the opportunity to see options of the dashboard on the left?


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Sorry, there’s no such option without per-vendor mode at the moment, but this makes sense to show an all-in-one calendar for vendors even if their listings have separate calendars and can have simultaneous bookings - we’ll consider adding this feature.

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Thank you @ihor - I think this would be very useful as I have to create this already for our hosts with many bookings. They bring steady cashflow and we would love to give them best calendar solution.

I also think that @DianaLizarazo idea of having a global calendar block which displays all the bookings at a glance below the links would be really a gift.

@ihor - we want to give this task to our developer. I would however prefer to use the hivepress code to reduce additional plugins, etc. Could you tell me if this feature will move up a ladder and be implemented (lets say in the coming four weeks) or if this needs to wait. Looking forward to a reply.

If you mean adding a single calendar for all listings in Account/Calendar section for vendors then yes, it’ll be implemented within 4 weeks for sure. We recently published the developer docs so I hope these will be useful if you decide to customize or extend the HivePress functionality Getting started - Developer Docs

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This is two really helpful pieces of news! Thank you!