One day bookings are blocking full day in date picker

The following issue is being reported: when a vendor receives a booking for one night, a full day is being blocked on the date picker of the listing.

## Steps to reproduce
In our example: A booking is published for the 20th to 21st of August (one night). The date picker blocks the 21st on the date picker. The date picker allows a new bookings to end on the 20th of August (correct).

## Actual result
If another customer wants to book from the 21st to the 23rd of August, it is not possible because the 21st is blocked on the date picker.

## Expected result
In case of a one night booking, the date picker should not block a full day. It should block only half a day on the 20th and half a day on the 21st.

## Extra details
Visually, it should be understandable that there is a booking (maybe with a dot/or background colour), but it should not block the date.

One night bookings - date picker

Here is the calendar showing the blocked date (21st). This date can’t be blocked fully. A background color indicating a booking would help understand that it is blocked while still allow bookings to end on the 20th (which it does correctly - the 20th is open) and other bookings to begin on the 21st (which is currently not possible).

This issue is related to bookings for one night only.

Please advise if this is an issue on our side @ihor

Thanks for the detailed report, it seems to be a bug, and it’ll be fixed in the next update, but it’ll require a specific UI solution - without at least 1 single blocked date the booking is not visible, but this may cause confusion if someone tries to book over it with another date range.

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Thank you @ihor - we have lots of one dat bookings for a hotel client and this is good to hear if this lands on the priority list.

I understand - the solution must visually show that this date is blocked differently compared to two nights that requires the blocking of a full complete day (example: slightly different background color or another type of visual element.

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