One day bookings NOT blocking dates on date picker correctly!

Bug: one day bookings are now visually displayed with a red dot. Also, a message displays “End date only!” - this is great news! - However, users still can book the same date that is blocked by a one day booking!

Steps to reproduce

Visit a listing that has a one day booking displayed on the date picker (red dot in this example). Choose this day as a beginning day and select more days to send a booking request. The booking days are displayed including the already booked day! - it is not reducing the already booked day from the total amount of days. This causes a double booking.

## Actual result
The booking days are displayed including the already booked day!

## Expected result
The dates displayed as available have to be displayed ( - 1) excluding the first date. Otherwise this causes a double booking.

## Extra details
Two proposals: the dates that are selected must exclude the first day in the calculation and present the selected dates correctly.
It is not possible to select a date with a one day booking as a Beginning date. Only as an End date.
both above mentioned solutions to reduced confusion.

@ihor and team, looking for a speedy resolution of this issue
in order to avoid double bookings.

Thank you!

PS: very happy with all the new updates so far. Will have further tests soon.

> IMPORTANT: the below image displays a google translated version of page! The original text is END DATE ONLY and not Departure Date only!

Bug Report: one day date picker 1
Bug report: one day date picker 2
Bug Report: one day date picker 3

Thanks for the detailed report, I added this to the bug tracker and we’ll release a quick update with the fixes for the recently reported issues.

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I have updated the plugin to the last version but still I have the same issue

This one will be fixed in the next HivePress core update because it’s not specific to bookings, date picker is implemented in the HivePress core.

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