Online Payout method available Argentina

Are you aware of any online payout method available in Argentina?


For all the payments we use WooCommerce, so it’s better to contact them. They will be able to provide you with more detailed information.

I was thinking the payout was a Hivepress extension. I´m assuming that there’s two different online payments involved:
1- User1 buys from User2, online payment to unique administrator MercadoPago account (NOT to the user2 account)
(administrator set this online account)
2 - User2 request a Payout to administrator, online payment to the user2 (fees/comissions may be applied).
(User 2 need to select a online payment account.)
Please correct me if I’m missing something.
Where can I find some developer documentation about this?
Infinite thanks and thanks for your patience.


Sorry, I just misunderstood you.

At the moment, everything works like you described (like escrow). Money goes to the web admin first and later to a service provider.

Currently, there are 3 payout modes available:

  1. Direct - with direct payouts, only the commission fee is paid on your website. The rest, buyers should pay sellers in person.
  2. Automated - this one require Stripe Connect integration.
  3. Manual - you can manually make payouts using the preferred way.

Unfortunately, for automated payouts there’s only Stripe Connect at the moment. But if it works for you, you can use manual payouts and provide payouts using a payment methods available in Argentina.

To learn more about payouts, please check this doc How to set up payouts - HivePress Help Center

Thanks a lot for your detailed reply.
So the Automated option that works with Stripe, is in fact part of Hivepress Payout plugin? And so, if I want to integrate a new payment gateway, the developement need to interact with this plugin, and/or WooCommerce also?


Yes, we are integrated with Stripe Connect, so it is part of HivePress and WooCommerce. If you are going to try to integrate other payout methods, then you need to write a custom integration with HivePress and WooCommerce.

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