Only requests

  1. Is it possible to make the site, only requests and prevent users to list their services?
  2. When users post a request with a location tag attached, can I notify the freelancers with location that custom location preference? For example, request is posted for Canada, email blast only Canadian freelancers?
  3. Can we add search alerts automatically according to the parameters they got signed up. For example They signed up as X and are based in Miami. Send all requests about X in Miami. Right now they have to set up, which people don’t do.


  1. Yes, please disable the front-end listing submission in HivePress/Settings/Listings. By default users become vendors if they add at least 1 listing, but you can enable direct vendor registration in HivePress/Settings/Vendors (then users can register as vendors via the “/register-vendor” URL).
  2. It’s possible, but requires the Search Alerts extension.
  3. Unfortunately there’s no such feature at the moment, this would require code customizations.

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