Only show hosts and listings with image in the slider

Hello, would it be possible only to show listings and hosts that uploaded an image in the slider?

Thank you

Unfortunately there’s no such filter in the Hosts block yet, but there may be a workaround if you manually mark hosts that you want to show on the home page as Verified, and check the “Show verified hosts only” option in the block settings.

Yes, true but then users could think the website verified the vendors in term of quality or other reasons. Maybe it would be possible to change the word “verified” with something of my choice?

Sure, you can change any static strings via Loco Translate How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center

Another solution is filtering the listing and vendor queries, but this would require code customizations.

It worked. However in loco translator I had to select English (UK) and not US otherwise it does not work. I see in your tutorial you select US

Yes, the selected language has to match the WordPress dashboard language set in Settings/General, then Loco applies the translation.

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