Only two Attributes appear in the Listing

I would like to add more than two Attributes to a Listing. I can assign the Attribute. But the attributes are then not displayed on the Website. Is there a maximum number of Attributes that are shown in the listing or how can I see the Attributes I have added:

If these attributes are selectable (e.g. Select, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons) then they will appear like categories on the back-end - please check them in the right sidebar area instead of the Attributes box.

Hm, can you provide a Screenshot. Is it this what you mean?

Under the Attribute named: Preis i want to have another attribute named hour / duration but i d not get it.

Hey man, I think you’re close to what you need. In your screenshot you see the link “attributes” in the menu. If you click that, you can add as many attributes as you want.

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Yes, if you mean adding more attributes there please add attributes in Listings/Attributes section (e.g. add a new Time attribute) and it’ll appear in the Attributes box for listings How to add listing attributes - HivePress Help Center

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