Open rooms with independent calendar and prices

Is it possible to open rooms with a calendar for each one, without having to publish a list for each one? I’m not seeing how to do it…

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility in the current version. It is recommended to create a new listing for each room type

I thought there was a way, since in the case of a hotel with many equal rooms it would generate an endless list that complicates the search…
It would be good if you keep it in mind for future updates.
thanks yevhen for your answers!

Thanks, we’ll try to improve this and add more booking options. In the current version the recommended option is using a separate listing for each room type, or rental item, etc. In case of Airbnb-like platform each listing can be a unique apartment, if there are hotels I recommend using host profiles as hotels and listings as room types.

Of course, our goal is to make a platform like Booking, they don’t allow similar ads, but Rentalhive is still incredible, very well thought out and built, we are very happy with it!
We will wait for new updates!
Thank you so much for everything!!

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