Option to enable buyers fee

As title says, add the option to apply a buyers fee, and maybe a cheap order fee that will be added to the order, but wont be added to the vendors dashboard.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this option. There’s a temporary workaround available if you use a WooCommerce tax with a custom name like “Buyer Fee” and exclude taxes from the balance calculations in HivePress/Settings/Vendors, then vendors will not get the tax amount to their balance.

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Please try to add this as soon as you can, since I cannot add custom (both percentage and fixed fee) taxes at the moment.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding the buyer commission rate. Please check if WooCommerce has some settings for setting the combined flat+percentage tax, it may be possible either with WooCommerce or with one of its extensions.

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I actually did some research on it, and apparently it is not possible. If you happen to find any useful resource, can you share it with me? I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your feedback, indeed there is no way to set a fixed amount + percentage tax, we’ll try to find some solution for this.

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Thank you. I’ll keep in touch!

Hello yevhen! Is there a way to hire one of you guys to develop this functionality for me? Even if it represents an extra charge. Because I might need this sooner than expected

We temporarily don’t offer customization services, but if there are only a few fixes please submit your requirements here and we’ll estimate them as soon as possible Request a Quote

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Hi marioromans99 - is this what you are looking for? - Pay for Payment for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
Regards, Karen

(ps: it can’t be used with PayPal apparently, as they do not permit extra charges for using PayPal)

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The plugin does what is intended. However, the charge keeps appearing over the vendor’s dashboard, which is what we are trying to avoid. Do you have a code snippet that we can add to prevent that fee from adding up to the payouts? I use a similar plugin called “Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce.”

Please try excluding taxes and fees from the vendor balance in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Selling and try placing a new order. If this doesn’t work please let me know and we’ll check if there’s a snippet for implementing a fixed fee + %.

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Just checked. It is not working, sadly.

Sorry, we made some research and it seems that there’s no easy way to do this, WooCommerce allows adding fees programmatically but the fee amount is included in the vendor balance calculation. I also found this topic Flat Rate Taxes | WordPress.org I’m sure there should be some extension or other solution for WooCommerce, it can’t be limited to % taxes only - please let me know if you find any options.

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Yes. I’m guessing the only way around this is to know how you guys add the totals to the vendor’s dashboard and programmatically leave out the fee another plugin creates. Or that you include the ability for us to add that same fee within your theme’s options.

If a third-party plugin or WooCommerce extension adds this extra amount as a tax (not a fee) then it’ll be excluded from the vendor balance automatically. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a way to customize taxes programmatically but WooCommerce probably has an extension for this, it’s the most popular e-commerce plugin and I’m sure it’s not limited to % taxes only.

Unfortunately, I have not found a working solution for this yet. I am afraid taxes cannot be added as a fixed fee in Woocommerce; even Yevhen agreed with me after his research. The only possible outcome is to add a fee and make it taxable (Not saving it as a TAX, but making that specific amount taxable), which does not solve the issue your four customers are asking for in this thread.

There has to be a way to include a fixed fee without adding it to the vendor’s dashboard within the scope of your theme. Please work on this, since we have been requesting it for months now.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to implement this as soon as possible, probably by adding a fixed commission option (in addition or instead of the % one).


That sounds like the best workaround! Thanks a lot Ihor

Thanks a lot :heart: