Option to enable buyers fee

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I’m following this thread because I would like to add % fees, which I did with Woocommerce but as you guys said, the vendor sees it.

I also use the option on HIVEPRESS on the setting, but seems not working despite any value I’m putting there.

If you set a commission rate it’ll be applied to new orders only (it works this way to avoid affecting previous orders if you decide to change the commission rate later), please try testing this with a new order.

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Hello @ihor, I’ve added the “commission rate”, and created a new user and listing but I still have the same issue. Then I create a new order (so a user booked a hotel) this is the result:

The commission rate is not visible in the order details, it just affect the vendor balance. For example, if there’s an order of $100 and it’s marked as completed, and the commission rate is set to 10%, the vendor will see $90 on their balance.

Hi @ihor I can’t see it there. I tried to create a new one setting commission as I said previously.


Order (from a vendor point of view)

same for the account on Stripe result 200$ as I settled it as preferred payment method

Please mark this order as Completed, only this status triggers the commission (then the vendor’s share is added to the account balance, e.g. if you set the commission rate to 10% then vendor will see $180 on their balance from this order).

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Yes, now it finally worked! Thanks

We’d like to have this option as well.
About the work around of creating a tax item in WooCommerce and exclude taxes from the balance calculations in HivePress/Settings/Vendors, what if we need to charge tax on Vendor? Thanks.

Hello Ihor,

I hope this message finds you well.

Do you have any updates on adding the fixed commission option?


Please try changing vendor-side taxes in the same way, or you can cover these by increasing the commission rate. We’ll try to add more flexible options for charging both the buyer and the seller.

It’s already implemented, but the code requires testing - the estimation for the next Marketplace update is 5-7 days.


I followed your suggestion as well as the posts:
Setting the Commission Rate?.

One thing I noticed that the Vendor can also see the added ‘Buyer Fee’ in Vendor Received Orders detail and the order total also reflects the ‘Buyer Fee’. I think a Buyer Fee option is needed instead of using this alternative method.

Yes, we’ll check if adding a custom commission for buyers will not break the existing balance calculations, but we also plan to remove the extra fees and taxes from the vendor order page so they would see their profit and commission only.

Hi Ihor, when is the buyers fee getting implemented? It’s very much needed for us also. I would much appreciate it

Sorry, it’s not available yet (if you mean fixed fee instead of % for buyers), but we plan to implement it as soon as possible.

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@ihor do you have an estimated release date for this buyers fixed fee. As I read the thread a buyers % is not possible?

The % fee for buyers is possible (via adding a tax with a custom name in WooCommerce), but not fixed fees with specific amounts (this one is already available for sellers).

Ok, but if it is added as an additional tax named as fee, it will still show compounded in the tax line item not as its own line item of fee even if renamed. That might seem a little dishonest from a buyers point of view. Has anyone else come across a different solution.

My goal is to split the commission fee between buyer and seller 5%-5% and add the credit card fee to the buyer and not allow the buyer commission and cc fee roll into the total for the seller.

Please share more details about the issue, the tax section doesn’t seem to have its own title so if you rename the tax buyers will not notice the difference between the Buyer Fee tax and other fees.

currently: if a buyer purchases a service and I have a buyer commission fee and credit card fee. those payments are paid as part of the seller fee ( they collect the fees for site use) and the seller commission is paid from the total of sellers chard, buyers commission & credit card fees.

If I add the fees to the buyer ( Buyers commission and credit card fees) as an additional tax item, the fees are simply listed as tax. I would like to have each item listed as each tax item.