Option to enable buyers fee

Yes, if you want to exclude a fee from the vendor balance calculation the only way is adding it as a custom tax. Please send more details, where the fee is listed as a tax, some kind of statement or email? In the order table, a custom renamed tax should just display it’s name.

Hi Donny, the problem regarding the different taxes listing I solved by select EXCLUDING on “Display prices during cart and checkout” and ITEMIZED on “Display tax totals”

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@ihor I have the same issue about the vendor they actually see what the customer pays and I would like to hide it.

This is how is set right now

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@cerealkey, thank you.
I tried hiding it with some visibility css but since it has no class attached to that line item I could not achieve. Since it does not impact the final earnings based on how it is suggested to be setup, could a class be added to each taxable line item @ihor to allow css to hide that item on the seller side? I will keep looking into it and see what I can find a way. I also messaged with WooCommerce about it and they do not offer a solution either.

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There’s no easy way to hide taxes in the current version, but this is planned for the next update (e.g. we already made the payment method hidden, there were more details displayed to vendors).

As far as I know WooCommerce doesn’t add unique classes to taxes but you can check this via the Inspect Element, maybe they add CSS classes based on the tax name.

I saw online some plugins to hide taxes based on the user role. I’m pretty sure its only related to the cart page but “maybe” can work for our intent.
Currently, we have 2 user categories one for customers and one for hosts (also admin of course).

I’m not sure if you tested something like that.

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So, I’ve been thinking about this and trying to get this to work on my end.

The thing I’ve been trying is to add a “Service Fee” as a tax on WooCommerce, then add a commission % fee to the vendor. Yes, the vendor will see the fee charged as a tax, but the problem I’ve been having is the totals don’t add up correctly.

The % Commission charged to the vendor seems to be charged on the entire total amount - including taxes.

If there’s a way to charge the vendor a % Commission on only the amount minus the taxes, this could be a potential workaround?

Example - You would have:
5% State Tax
5% “Service Fee”

5% Commission on the Vendor and this would cancel out the 5% Service Fee? No?

However I try to do this though, the totals don’t come out to be correct. Like the HivePress 5% comes out to be 5% of the entire total including WC Taxes.

Yes, please un-check the “Include taxes” option in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Selling, then the vendor commission will be calculated based on the subtotal without taxes.