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There is a small bug. On guest account - when I click on Orders, Listings change to Orders on the header, but it actually still goes to Listings when I click on it.
All the other ones - Favorites, Bookings, Messages and Settings are OK and the header does not change and still shows Listings.

not OK

not OK


However it isn’t happening on host/vendor account for Orders / Received Orders

BUT, it happens when a hosts/vendors place an order and “Placed Orders” appear on their account.

Any idea what might be wrong?


Unfortunately, we could not reproduce this issue, please provide more details (e.g. your actions step by step), and we will try to help.

Hi Andrii,

There is nothing specific I have done.
I just created a guest and host/vendor accounts and then made some bookings.
The bookings created additional menu “Orders” under (Eva) guest > account and (Adam) host/vendor > account.

Guest account (Eva):
When I click on (Eva) account > Orders then the header changes from Listings to Orders (pic. 1) and when I choose any order the header changes from Listing to Order #xxx (pic. 2).
But, when I click on (Eva) account > Favorites or Bookings or Messages or Settings (pic. 3) everything is OK and the header is untouched.

Host/vendor account (Adam):
When I click on (Adam) account > Orders (pic. 4) the header is OK.
After making a booking as host/vendor that host/vendor becomes guest at the same time then, a new menu is created “Placed Orders” and Orders becomes “Received Orders”
When I click on (Adam) account > Received Orders (formerly Orders) (pic. 5) the header is still OK.
But, when I click on (Adam) account > Placed Orders (pic. 6) then the header changes from Listing to Orders and when I choose any order the header changes from Listings to Order #xxx (pic. 7).
All the other ones Dashboard, My Listings, Calendar, Bookings, Messages, Received Orders, Settings do NOT have any influence on the header.

Only the guest > Orders and host > Placed Orders change the header for some reason.
I tried to deactivated plugins one by one to see if one of them isn’t causing that issue, but no success.

Hope it is not too confusing. As I said I didn’t do anything unusual beside creating a host/vendor account, guest account and making a booking.

It isn’t a major issue. I just thought there might be an easy fix for that bug.

Thanks for looking into it.

Thanks for the detailed report. Yes, it’s a minor bug but we’ll test this further, once we reproduce it we’ll release a fix in the next Marketplace update.

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