Order page name show up in the menu

When checking an order the first menu title is changed to the name of the order (and also when just visiting the order site (with all the orders)). Can you help me solve this?!

This is what it sould look like.

These images shows the bug.

Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g. a link to your site, screenshots, a list of installed plugins, or the error message you get).

As a temporary fix please try to set a label for the menu item in Appearance/Menus/Header menu

Thanks for fast answer!

Bug solved, somehow. I guess I could live with a third menu item.
If you still want the link to the site it is: http://frilansare.nu
But I found another bug. See image below.

Please ignore this WooCommerce account page, I recommend keeping it hidden (e.g. don’t add any links to it on the site) because it duplicated HivePress features and it’s unlikely that someone will type “my-account” manually (you can also change its URL slug to some random string to avoid guessing it). HivePress account page already includes the Orders menu item so it has all the required functionality.

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