Original source of the phrase "Manage payouts on Stripe" on Dashboard

I wanna localize the phrase “Manage payouts on Stripe” shown on the Dashboard, but I cannot find the original words in any HivePress plugins… Which plugin does the phrase “Manage payouts on Stripe” come from?


This should be displayed in the marketplace when you translate through loco translate, but we are aware of this bug, and it will be fixed in the next update.

If you need to change this urgently, you can overwrite the template parts through a child theme.

Hi @andrii

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m using loco translate but I cannot find the words. OK, I’ll wait for the next update. When will the next update be scheduled in public?

It should be available within 2-3 weeks or less. We can also provide instructions for temporarily fixing this in the plugin files, let me know.

Hi @ihor

Can you provide the code snippet for temporarily fixing this? As I’m not sure coding, that would be very helpful.


Please try to edit this string in Plugins > Plugin File Editor > HivePress Marketplace, as shown in the screenshot Test .png - Google Drive

Hi @andrii


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