Other people's orders assigned to admin account

I am having a problem with some of the orders in TaskHive, there are 3 orders appearing in the dashboard of the admin user, even though they are for listings from other people. When I check the orders in WooCommerce, there’s a dash (—) in the seller column.

I noticed that hp_vendor post meta is missing from these orders with the problem, I assume it is used to assign the order for a seller

Please let me know if there were any changes or updates recently before this issue occurred, maybe the Marketplace update, or some changes in HivePress settings?

If there’s a vendor linked to the purchased product, the hp_vendor meta should be set.

The site was launched quite recently, so the plugins were installed just a little while ago, they haven’t been updated since then. We have had this issue with 3 of 5 orders, the first and the fourth were ok, so I’m not sure if we have had this issue since the beginning or if it started after the first order.

I noticed that the seller does not appear on the listing page in the listings associated with the problematic orders. When the order is working alright, the seller does appear on the listing page.

If you already tried to disable third-party plugins and there were no customizations that may cause this issue, please send temporary WP access to support@hivepress.io and I’ll check this for you.

Please also let me know if you activated Stripe Connect? There’s a known bug that we’ll fix within 1-2 days, it’s related exactly to saving vendor profiles.

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