Package payment page error

I have a problem , since few days , on the paid listings when someone clicks on it to buy it appears an error HTTP 500 , after the wordpress developers checked everything hey found that the issue comes up through the HivePress Marketplace plugin , so please for advice what to do … I tried back up to earlier point didnt helped , but i need this plugin for selling listings …Thank you

Please share more details about the issue, e.g. you can check the detailed error message in the PHP error log, it indicates the file and line number where the error occurs.

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This two error logs are the only one i have :

wordpress/plugins/woocommerce/7.1.0/src/Internal/ProductAttributesLookup/LookupDataStore.php on line 664

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class ‘Fcf_Pay_Run’ does not have a method ‘wc_custom_settings_tab_content’ in /wordpress/core/6.1.1/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 308

It still dont work , the Wordpress developers told me to contact HivePress becuse the issue giving the ERROR HTTP 500 , is caused by the Marketplace Extension , i tried to reinstall , back up instalation … nothing helped jet … Online shop when i click buy its ok , its just on the listing service , when you click to buy a service it comes out that error , since today i am getting this one error log
Warning: Undefined property: A8C\FSE\WP_REST_Help_Center_Support_Availability::$is_wpcom in /wordpress/plugins/full-site-editing/3.52330/help-center/class-wp-rest-help-center-support-availability.php on line 70

Thanks for the details. This error is not related to HivePress, as you can see it occurs in WooCommerce files, and there’s no Fcf_Pay_Run class in HivePress, it seems to be related to a third-party plugin, maybe this one? FCF-Pay – WordPress plugin | I recommend disabling all third-party plugins in WordPress/Plugins (except HivePress and WooCommerce) and test checkout again.

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still same , i tried everything … hope they from wordpress will be able to find how and what direct … they pointed again on the HivePress Marketplace extension , but when i disable that plugin i dont have the buy button anymore on the services to buy

This is 100% not related to HivePress, as you can see the error occurs because of the Fcf_Pay_Run class, I googled it and it seems to be from a third-party WooCommerce payment gateway. HivePress itself doesn’t affect the WooCommerce checkout process, it just waits for an order to be paid, but the checkout process should be ok.

I recommend disabling all the plugins except HivePress, HivePress Marketplace and WooCommerce to re-test the checkout. It should be ok unless the hosting provider pre-adds some custom payment gateway that causes this issue.

thx , i resolved it today , it had an issue through an other plugin … thank you

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