Package problem

I have created to packages
1st free with 5 Listings.
2nd premium with 20 Listings.

The problem is i want to increase the number of the Listings in the free package from 0 to 10 Listings

I went to dashboard - Listings - package
I select the free an I increase the number
But when I tested with one account who has 0 in package it doesn’t update it
From 5 to 10
Should I delete it and create a new one,
I want to do that but I fear to delete all listing that belongs to this package.


The limit is set for a user when a package is selected, and then the limit is used differently by each user so if you change the package limit globally it’ll not reset the limit for existing users. If you changed the package limit please try testing it as a new user (or as an existing user without this package), it should be ok then.

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