Package selection page doesn’t appear

i added the 2 packages exactly like the video shows : Adding listing packages | HivePress Paid Listings Docs - YouTube

but when i click list a property theres no packaging showin up u can directly pass to list a property link


The Select Packages page is displayed only if the user’s limit is exceeded.

If you have a package with one listing, then after publishing one listing and trying to create a new listing, the Select Packages page should be displayed after the Add Details form.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

and about payements can i add just an image which have my bank account RIB and the user send money through his phone application or whatever and send me the facture of transaction instead of other payement methodes


Sure, you can add this gateway method via WooCommerce; its name is Bank Transfer; for more details, I recommend checking WooCommerce documentation.

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