Package selection screen doesn’t appear

I put in these 4 packages, two are for some categories you pay for the single ad, and 2 are for other categories where the ad is free but you pay for the highlighting, my problem arises at the time when a user buys a package, example I buy the package for paying for the single ad and it works the first time but the second time it doesn’t work, same for the highlighting package, it works the first time the second time it doesn’t work anymore, i.e. after the first package the rest of the ads are always free even if there are packages in place, basically when you click on submit ad after you have already purchased the first package to the second ad the package selection screen doesn’t appear, so to recap, if a user places a second ad, the package selection page does not appear and then places the ad for free


The Select Packages page is displayed only if the user’s limit is exceeded.

If you have a package with one listing, then after publishing one listing and trying to create a new listing, the Select Packages page should be displayed after the Add Details form.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

ok thanks

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