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Hey! I’m facing a bug … I’m using the ExpertHive theme. The listing page start to shake when scrolled down at the bottom. Just the lateral div above the filter. The problem happens on the Microsoft Edge and M. Firefox.Onthe Chrome nothing happnes and it runs ok.

The seems to be disfunctional while under event.

I’ve tried to unistall some features, extensions, categories, listings, attributes, but nothing seems to solve it. I expect that someone could help with that.


Thanks for reporting this, we will check the possibility to fix it. Please try this PHP snippet as a temporary solution Disable the sticky sidebar on all HivePress pages #hivepress #templates · GitHub

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Thanks for replying yevhen. Unfortunately the problem persists.

The snippet code just works partially. The div where are the filters stopped to shake.

But when we srcoll down at the bottom of the page, the bug continues including at the footer. I put the same snippet on footer class and it reduce the shaking,but there’s something forcing the problem yet.

There’s a problem reported with some image:

I wait for more solutions and help to solve it.

It seems that is something working wrong with filter. I tried to search with no value fields and should appear “Nothing Found” image, but in this case nothing happens and start the bug.

When we put nothing in value fields, this message should appear. But don’t, and start this mess of shake the page when we scroll down at the bottom of the page…

This image i catch on debbugger console

  1. Please try this CSS snippet but please note that it can require further customization
	padding-bottom: 12rem!important;
  1. Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue. If it is possible please provide step by step description how to reproduce this issue

The bug persists.

I put on the last snippet that you sent me.

Also, i tried to remove all footer configuration on another theme like Astra. No results…

Waiting for a resolution. We are under trial period, wishing buy extensions.

Bug solved for now.

We add the property Float to this snippet and it works fine:

.hp-template .inner-wrapper-sticky {
  position: static!important; 
  transform: none!important;
	float: left;

The Shake, Vibrating, Jumping of the sticky side bar has gone.

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