Page stuck in packages when I want to introduce another list


I’m creating my listing site with Hivepress (free). I have already installed the paid lists and woocommerce.

I have an unresolved issue with new list and packages, and I needed your help.

Imagine that I am a user of the site, and that I am going to put an new list. I put the list, and then the payment packages page appears. But in the meantime, for whatever reason I no longer want that list, in that category, and I want another list in another category. At this stage the site no longer lets you publish another list, it is always stuck on the packages page. I am always obliged to choose a package and only then allow me to introduce another list.

Has anyone ever had this problem?
Is there any way to solve it?

Thank you

Thanks for reporting this, yes, this is a known issue that will be fixed next week. It works this way because the listing details are already filled in and validated, so the Add Details step is skipped while there’s a valid listing draft (it’s removed by WordPress automatically within 24 hours).

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