Pagination when listing several attributes

Trying to list almost all car makes and during search, when I tick multiple models, the whole screen slides up Screenshot by Lightshot

Go to and select
Vehicles > Cars, Vans & Utes and filter
Then pick 3-5 makes and filter again

Then un-tick the choosen ones and pick 3-4 more (especially at the end of the car make listing) and filter

Eventually will the screen will slide up on almost every car make tick.

Then after posting an ad to test, I don’t get any message to await moderation but the page will refresh and I have no idea (as user) if the ad is in for moderation.

  1. Thank you for reporting this bug. If it is possible could you provide link on your website to check this problem?

  2. It seems like cache issue. Please try disabling caching plugins or purging/refresh cache

Hi, thanks.

  1. Try this link:[]=&price[]=&odometer[]=&odometer[]=
  • Scroll a bit down to the car “makes”
  • Pick a couple on top and filter
  • Then pick 2-3 at the bottom of the list and filter again.

I tried before activating LiteSpeed and jetpack and gave me this problem, then I had to activate to get some speed as internal pages took several seconds to load. I solved the speed but the above problem was still there.

Now LiteSpeed and jetpack are deactivated but I still get the same problem, actually a bit worse on every car make click selection after I filter once.

If you could tell me which plugins I need to speed up and not interfere with this, would be great.

  1. Also another little problem is that after an ad is posted if the vendor insterts the URL, it doesn’t appear on the listing page.

  2. On vendor page the attribute tag doesn’t show within the widget.

  3. When vendor try to post an ad, those boxes where they write in are barely visible. What little code is possible to use on additional CSS to make all of them more visible? because at first glance it seems a white page with the light writing too. I think for that would be great to be more readable, with more visible boxes and more compact instead to take the widh of the page.

  4. Sometimes it takes 2-3 tries to login as on the first time, I click login, the page refresh but I’m still logged out.

  5. When I’m logged in as a vendor, when I try to click the left menu (listings, messages, settings) it logs me out and every time I have to log in again. Sometimes happens on the first click, other times after a couple of pages.

For the rest is really good. Thanks

Thanks for the details, the issue with scrolling is confirmed - will be fixed as soon as possible. Regarding the caching issues, I recommend the Litespeed Cache plugin, we regularly test it with HivePress, you can try following this tutorial How to Speed up a Directory or Marketplace Website Built with HivePress | HivePress Blog

Thanks, I reactivated litespeed again and getting faster to load. However point 2-3-4-5 and 6 are still there. Hopefullly they can be fixed as well. If those are because caching, then will be hard to set up with litespeed considering all the combinations it has (all the on/off switches). Thanks again

Please make sure that the cache is disabled for logged-in users in LiteSpeed Cache settings (it is also recommended to disable the REST API cache), this should resolve the logging out and other issues.

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