Paid Support

Is there a different site for paid support?

There’s no separate forum, but topics regarding premium themes/extensions have their own tags, we’ll also add badges for premium support users next week.

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Thank you for getting back to me. I’m in need of premium support because responses on this forum seem to be a bit slow. But I’ll post my questions here.

Thank you again. I love your plugin and theme and look forward to completing my website soon.

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Thanks! Yes, we have up to 24 hours turnaround time at the moment, but we also reply on weekends and any holidays, you can check the details here Support Policy | HivePress

How do we get the badge for premium support? I purchased the theme around 1 month ago. Cheers

Currently it’s checked by the email address, please make sure that your forum account email matches the one in the purchase. We’ll also add a separate license key field if the email differs.

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