Pay Now not working

Steps to reproduce

Book a listing as a user
After its confirmed, go to pay now
Click on pay now

Actual result

Shows a page saying “something went wrong”

Expected result

Goes to payment screen for woocomerce

Extra details

Im not sure why this is happening now, in previous tests this would take you to the payment screen. How ever now i cant pay any bookings at all it just goes straight to “something went wrong” Ive checked and my woocomerce is all set up with stripe.

I am able to proceed to check out using only woo commerce but just wont work through the hive press booking portal.

Plugins used, hivepress marketplace, hivepress bookings, hivepress opening times and the other free ones.

Many Thanks!

I resolved this myself, for anyone else facing the same problem, it was limiting the seller to one item when they buy it making the payment page not appear. Check on woo commerce products and un check the limit, currently figuring out what setting in hivepress to change so it doesn’t limit it when they add the listing.

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