Payment does not work

when request to book is checked,I dont see an option to pay, it only shows the booking and all I can do is set it from pending to complete, even after that the person that made the booking cnt pay. It only works when request to book is unchecked, then the proceed to payment button pops up.

Also something super strange, the booking confirmed email displays the website innthe email, and nothing about the actual confirmed booking.

Ive got marketplace, bookings and a few other paid extensions running on the site.

Stripe has been connected successfully and working.

Could someone please help here.


Please make sure you set up payments correctly, you can check this doc How to start accepting payments - HivePress Help Center. Also, if you use the Booking Requests feature, after the user submits a booking request, you need to set the booking to draft status (from the frontend it is unpaid), then the customer will have a pay button available.

You guys are simply the best thanks that has sorted everything, can’t believe I missed that… I see that the booking confirmed email also now displays only the image of the booking plus the details which is perfect now, before that it displayed the whole website which was something ive never seen before, why would that be maybe I can send you a screen shot

this is what is being displayed in the booking confirmed email once payment has been made, this is what the customer will see, why is this?

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