Payment function (payment by stripe)

I would like to ask about the payment function (payment by stripe).

(1) If a user cancels an order without receiving it after payment has been made, will the transaction be voided?

Or in that case, would the order be considered complete and a refund would be required?

(2) Is it possible to do the following?

A user would like to submit a request to the seller for approval or disapproval for consultation before placing an order. (It would be like a reply with two options: approve or deny the consultation.)

Then, only if the seller approves the consultation, I would like to be able to enter a credit card and make the transaction.

Is there such a feature at this time?


  1. As far as I know, Stripe should notify WooCommerce about the cancelled payment and the order will be marked as Canceled or Refunded automatically (you can try testing this with Stripe sandbox for developers).
  2. Unfortunately there’s no such option, but it may be possible with Requests, if you enable personal requests then users can make a private request to the vendor, and vendor can reply with an offer. Then user can proceed and pay for the offer, this creates a new order in the same way as with purchasing listings.

Thanks for the details!
Understood. I’ll try to address it here!

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