Payment not auto-complete

An issue where credit card payments would show a status of Processing and would not auto-complete.
I thought the woopayments plugin was the problem, so I deleted it, but the stripe plugin also didn’t complete automatically. The test payment was successful and the charge was also successful. There is no problem with the plugin settings. I haven’t checked anything about the HIVEPRESS settings as shown in the image.

How can I complete payment automatically?

I did all the basic things like turning off plugins and clearing the cache.
Please respond quickly.

This may be due to the image uploaded by the vendor when registering the product not being reflected. It will be reflected on the right side of the WooCommerce product page, right?
Even if I complete it manually, the download button does not appear.

I wonder if the downloaded image is not registered properly, so the payment is not automatically completed immediately at the time of payment.

What should I do about this error?


If you use other payment methods that are available in WooCommerce How to start accepting payments - HivePress Help Center, then I recommend configuring Completion Period in HivePress > Settings > Orders (but please note that this feature only works with the Marketplace extension, it will not work with Bookings).

​I hope this is helpful to you.

I have read all of the articles here and have set the plugin settings and WooCommerce settings so that the status will be completed immediately for digital content, but the status still does not change to immediate completion, so I am contacting you.
I have sent an email to support, so please check if the method I solved yesterday is correct.


If your order receives the processing status after payment, it means that you have correctly set up payments. As for receiving the completed status, there are two options: either set the Completion Period (1-day minimum) or enable the Delivery function. Then, the vendor can click Deliver, and the user can approve this delivery. As for the third option, if you have this function enabled at How to sell digital downloads - HivePress Help Center, then the completed status should be displayed there immediately after a successful purchase (if the payment is set up correctly). Also, please note that the processing status is created to sell non-instant products or services. It is recommended to leave this status to avoid fraud since the complete status immediately adds the amount to the vendor’s balance.