Payments and Woocommerce

Hello everyone,

I’ve installed the theme with all plugins that I need plus woocommerce. I need to do as follow:

  • create a commission on transactions
  • able to collect stripe account from the host so I can pay them

For now, a user can go online to book a home
the host has to accept
after accepting the booking the user can pay

Do you have any better solution?


If you installed Marketplace & WooCommerce then payments should be enabled. Please set up methods for accepting payments in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments, also register and set up a Stripe Connect account on Stripe if you want to make automatic payouts. Then you can enable Stripe as a payout system in HivePress/Settings/Payments and enter the Stripe secret API key in HivePress/Settings/Integrations.

Hosts will have to create a linked Stripe account during the registration or adding their first listing, and once the booking is paid they will get their share from the booking amount. You can set the commission rate in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Selling section. If you want users to pay before requesting a booking, please edit this listing and disable the Booking Requests for it.

Hope this helps.

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@ihor Thanks!!!

This community is awesome! I’m finding everything I need :smiley: thanks

Hi Ihor, everything is working fine but at the end of the registration on stripe, the user or HOST in my case gets the error in attach. So it looks that is on my side (Wordpress or the Hivepress). I’m not sure why. Just to clarify I’m using “rentalhive”.

{“code”:“rest_no_route”,“message”:“No route was found matching the URL and request method.”,“data”:{“status”:404}}

Have you ever encountered this error?


Yes, we’ll release a quick fix for this tomorrow. This issue occurs only if you switch the vendor category before submitting the vendor registration form.

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Do I have to do something from my side?

This is already fixed in the yesterday’s update, please update Marketplace to the latest version in Dashboard/Updates (if you set the license key the update should appear there, version 1.3.1).

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