Payout processing

Orders have been in processing for 4 days and havent reflected on the vendor dashboard.

The Processing status requires some action depending on settings in HivePress/Settings/Orders. For example, if you enabled manual delivery then vendor has to mark the order as Delivered, then customer will get a notification and will be able to Complete or Reject the delivery. If you set the auto-completion period and the customer doesn’t mark the order as Completed manually, it should be auto-completed within the number of days set in HivePress/Settings/Orders.

Based on the screenshot, the delivery is enabled because there’s a checkmark next to the Processing status, this means that the customer has to complete or reject the delivery. The completed order amount is then added to the vendor balance.

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Hi Ihor, thats correct. I have manual delivery and also the time frame where if the customer doesn’t do anything the amount is credit to the vendor account. However, its not being credited to the account.

The auto-completion time is calculated starting from the delivery time, please make sure that vendor marked this order as Delivered - then if customer ignores the delivery the order will be auto-completed. We’ll also re-check the recurring functions in Marketplace before releasing the next update to make sure that there are no issues.

Ihor, i tried unchecking and still… the amount isnt reflecting in the vendor dashboard.

Please send temporary WP access via email to and I’ll check this issue.

Sent! Thank you

Hi Ihor, I sent wp access to you. Let me know if you received it

Thanks, if you sent it manually with a link to this topic I’ll check it as soon as possible. Please note that automatic WordPress emails may not be delivered.

I will send you an email with the link

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