Per Vendor Availability only for certain vendors

Hello! Is there a way to activate “per vendor availability” only on certain vendors? Maybe a check box in their initial profile set up if they would like “per vendor availability”? Or even something I can activate on the backend. Most of my vendors do not need this option, but some do, so I am trying to find a solution.


​Please send more details about this feature, and we will do our best to help you.

@andrii , I am talking about the “per vendor availability” option in the settings of Hivepress. When a vendor has multiple listings, if a day/slot(s) is booked on one listing then it will block out that day/slot(s) on all their listings.

Again, I would need this on certain vendors only. Most of my vendor’s listings are completely separate and do not need to be connected.


I see. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution here, it will require a detailed check and, accordingly, a custom implementation.

@andrii are y’all offering customizations again? I really prefer working with yall since you know the software so well. I have several other customizations we need to make it worth your time.


I see. Unfortunately, we do not provide such services at the moment, as we are focused on improving our existing features.

@andrii Please let me know when you are!

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