Permanent Notifications (red bottom) in the front-end


I noticed that I receive notification via the small red circle next to the user name on the top of the page. When I open the section to see what is new, the red circle beside each section, stays.

Steps to reproduce

Receive a notification, check the content to try to get ride of the red notification number next to the section.

Actual result

The red circle and number stays even if I open the section, and the total number of new notifications also stays in the top of the page.

Expected result

What I would expect is that as soon as I check the section, the red notification disappears.

Extra details

This happens particularly in the received bookings and booking section in the dashboard.

Please try updating HivePress to the latest version, we fixed a bug related to the notification cache. Then if the notification count is related to bookings please try to update any of the user bookings (just by re-saving any booking in the admin panel, or changing the booking status and then changing it back) - the notification count should be refreshed. It may also stay if some notification is still valid, e.g. this count appears for unpaid bookings and booking requests.

Could you please explain to me how exactly I change the booking status? I tried and it is not possible:

it only says confirmed but when I click there it does not let me change it.

Same problem in the orders:

I do not know how to change the status to completed.

I simulated the purchasing process of two gift cards and one service. Received the payment as an admin and the gift cards and service as a user, but still says processing and it is not clear how to change it.

Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 19.25.45

Thank you!

Please click Edit or Quick Edit on any booking - there are default WP statuses but they correspond to the booking statuses (e.g. Published is Confirmed, Pending is Pending booking request). You don’t have to change the booking status manually if you change the linked order status. Tick the checkbox in the order table (next to the order) and select the Bulk Action above, you can also change the order status on its edit page (there’s a drop-down menu for this). If you want to the Processing status to be changed by customers or automatically, customers can already do this via the front-end order page (via the Complete button), also you can set auto-completion in settings.

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