Phone number indexing

Hi! I want to know is it safe to display the user’s phone number in this way:
%label%: <a href="tel:%value%" title="%value%" rel="nofollow">Call %icon%</a>
It can easily called from mobile, but I want to show the numbers on desktop pc, using “title”. I don’t know the search engines will indexing my user’s phone number, because it display the numbers as a title?


Please note that this is not a HivePress specific setting, but we found the following useful article Does Adding A Title On My Links Help With Ranking?

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hi! Yes, thank you! I use this in my Phone attribute format, but using “data-title” instead of “title”. So now I can use css for styling. It show the phone number on desktop pc on hover, and working as one click call on mobile.

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