Possibility of edit listing while are "Pending" status

I’m using HivePress in a tourism offers website. The client is a Tourism Product Club that select different companies to promote their offers in this website.

The client are providing to these companies users and passwords in order they can create listing by their own. The client want that this companies can edit the listings while are “Pending” status. This is because the listing should fit in contract conditions before publish it on the website.

Is this possible in any way?

Thanks in advance


Sorry, there’s no such option for security reasons - this status is used for Moderation so allowing editing may be an issue if some inappropriate content is added when the admin already checked the listing and is about to approve it (while the listing is edited at the same time by the vendor). Please consider using the Draft status for this purpose, in this case the listing is hidden but editable.

Thanks for your quick response.

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