Possible to book meetings earlier than the present moment

Hi there!
In testing the booking functionality and I have found that I am able to book meetings in a time slot of the current day that has already passed.

At 13:23 UTC+2 local time I was able to book a timeslot for today starting at 11:30 and ending at 12:00.
And at 13:37 UTC+2 local time I was able to book a timeslot starting at 12:00 and ending at 12:30.

It seems as if Wordpress is living with a 2 hour difference. But in Wordpress settings, the timezone is correctly set to UTC+2.

In Hivepress I had Timezone enabled for bookings. And while booking, the timezone was set to Amsterdam, which was correct. Disabling the timezone did not change the behavior.

Any advice to solve this is appreciated!

Please make sure that you have the latest Bookings version, we fixed this in the recent update. By default, HivePress follows the server time, but if you enable time zones and select a time zone for a listing it will be respected in the list of time slots.

Performed the update and it works. But only if I enable timezones.
If it follows the server, it might follow the universal time, as the local time has been set correctly.

Thanks for reporting this, I added this issue to the bug tracker so we’ll check if it follows the server time or switch to the WordPress timezone since it makes more sense and can be adjusted on the WordPress level.

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