Pre-purchase questions

Hello everyone,

I’m writing this because I need some info before buying rentalhive. I need it to be customizable for a certain service:

  • Stripe is supported?
  • can I put a transaction fee?
  • Is it possible to set a maximum listing number for hosts?
  • Is it possible to put also time to the booking? as it a service I need that also to be per hour
  • Can I customize the category? room, apartment with everything I want?
  • Are the search filters 100% customizable?
  • Can I add an external link to the listing (youtube etc that is requested on the listing creation?) or another widget?
  • are there some cancellation policies integrated that I can change?

thanks a lot!!!


  1. Yes, it uses WooCommerce for payments so Stripe, PayPal and other gateways are available.

  2. Yes, you can charge a commission on each transaction, but Stripe Connect is required for automatic payouts.

  3. You can limit the number of listings via the Paid Listing extension or with a simple code snippet if there’s the same limit for all hosts.

  4. Yes, you can enable time slots instead of date-based bookings.

  5. You can add category-specific fields and search filters.

  6. Like any software, it has a specific set of options and features so I can’t say for sure about 100% but it’s very versatile.

  7. You can do this by adding custom URL fields to the listing form.

  8. In the current version it’s just a simple form that cancels a booking, then it’s up to the host and the site administrator (only admins can process the actual refund).

Hope this helps.

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