Precision about “Include taxes in the balance calculations”


I wanted more information about this option : “Include taxes in the balance calculations”

First question : Doest it include the taxes of the payment method (Stripe, or woocomerce) or is it about country taxes ?

Second question : Who set up this taxes ? Is it the vendor while adding a new listing ? Or is it to me to set it up somewhere ?

Third question : Who pay for this taxes ? The vendor or the client ?

Thanks in advance.

Cordially, Zak.

This option excludes the website-specific taxes, unfortunately there’s no easy way to predict the payment service fees (I recommend setting the commission rate enough to cover these). This option is useful if you charge extra taxes like VAT and don’t want to include its amount in the vendor balance calculations.
Taxes can be set up in WooCommerce settings Setting up Taxes in WooCommerce - WooCommerce


So is it about taxes that vendor are collecting from their sell or is it about taxes I am collecting on their sells ?

Thanks in advance.

This depends on the country and the required taxes, e.g. some marketplaces pay VAT on behalf of the sellers, if you want sellers to pay VAT for themselves then it should be included in their balance.

Thank you for that.

I will do this way

I will check the option for taxes included in the balance :

-TVA + Bank fees will be added to the initial price
-I will add bank fees to my initial ratio of commision and let the tva to the seller.

Doing this way I mak sure that bank fees are not paid by the sellers but by the buyer and the seller take his TVA.

See you. Thx. Zak.

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