Prevent certain vendor categories from submitting listings

How do I block a vendor in a certain category from submitting a listing? I thought I could just block the page for that category, but submit listing isn’t an actual page. Thanks

Unfortunately there’s no such option, if you mean restricting each vendor to posting in specific listing categories only, this would require customizations.

I am building a coupon site with customers and businesses. I don’t want the customer to be able to create a coupon (ad listing). I am using the memberships extension where the business chooses the free membership plan and the customer chooses the paid plan to access the coupon.

You can decide who can add listings in a few ways:

  • Even if a regular user tries to add a listing, you can reject it, then this user will not get the business profile and the listing will be deleted

  • You can restrict adding listings to all or specific categories using Paid Lisitngs extension

  • You can hide the Add Listing button for specific user roles (this requires a code snippet), but you’d have to add another form for businesses to register, and manage this manually

The Memberships extension has a bit different purpose, it’s used for charging users to view specific pages or details, e.g. if you have valuable details (e.g. coupon codes) and you want to charge users for revealing them then you can use Memberships for this, if the coupon code is a listing attribute.

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