Prevent vendors from buying their own listings

Ihor, hi. Another question came up. I created a seller account, then created an ad. Then I clicked on view my listing and clicked buy, the transaction was successful. How can I disallow buying my own listings.

I will add one point, maybe it has some effect. I have allowed the attribute for the company and now my ads reflect the company name, but in my profile I am under my login, I buy ads from my organization, not from the login of the company, but from the login of the user. Can it affect the fact that I can buy my own ads? Or in principle there is no ban on this?

Currently there’s no such restriction, vendors can buy their own listings. We’ll consider adding an option to prevent this, or set this restriction by default.
If it’s urgent it may also be possible via customizations, e.g. by overriding the listing_view_page template.

Thank you Ihor. It’s not so critical, I’ll wait for you to add a choice or just disallow it.

Hi Ihor,

Any update on this?

We need this urgently too :raised_hands:


Sorry, there’s no such feature yet, but even if vendors buy their own listings the commission fee would be deducted anyway so this wouldn’t make sense for them.

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