Previous messages are hidden

Hi, vendors are reporting they cannot view some previous messages between them and the customers. Is there a way they can retrieve these messages?

Please check if these users were deleted? If so then all the personal data including their private messages may be also deleted. Also, this issue may occur if you set the storage period in HivePress/Settings/Messages, then old messages are deleted automatically (after the storage period in days).

Thanks for the feedback. I believe it cannot be deleted users as they are still active. The vendors cannot also see some of their previous messages with the users. I haven’t set any limit on the storage of messages.

Please send more details about this issue, do you mean messages that were 100% sent previously are not displayed at all or there’s some error message? In the Messages extension, messages can be hidden or deleted only for one of the following reasons:

  • Storage period has passed for this message
  • Storing in the database was disabled (so this message was sent via email only)
  • Conflict with third-party plugins (e.g. I remember a conflict with AppMySite plugin that affects the message query and hides messages)

Yes, messages that were 100% sent previously are not being displayed at all. Let me check on the plugins.

If you have access to the database (e.g. via PHPMyAdmin, often available in the hosting control panel) and remember some words from the message text, you can also check if this message exists in wp_comments database table by searching rows by the comment_text column.

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